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Athletic male looking for discreet sex

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Athletic Male Looking For Discreet Sex

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When it comes to the best sex toys for men, the first step is getting past whatever's kept you from using a male sex toy—alone or with a partner—up until now: a mildly Puritan shame about masturbation, the hassle of cleaning up, the fact that the best sex toys for men kinda look like alien appendages.

A lot. The best sex toys do for masturbation what hot sauce does for a couple of perfectly over-medium eggs—take a great thing to whole new heights. Adult toys do things you and your partner can't, no matter how advanced your yogic practices. And unless you're Sting, you can't make your penis vibrate on its own. That's where vibrators, prostate massagersand butt plugs come in. But we're jumping ahead. Even if you're not ready to explore self-guided butt stuffplenty of sex toys will kick-start your masturbation game from good to great to apologizing-to-the-neighbors.

Some of these toys are also great to use with a partner. Or not! The next time you could use a little self-love, give your hands a break and your body a whole new sensation. It's time to get fresh, and maybe a little weird, with your self-sex.

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Here are the best sex toys for men out there. While you're likely aware of the infamous Fleshlightthe first and most well-known male masturbator, you might not know that the manufacturers came out with what they call the Quickshot. It's smaller than the original, with only 3. But the perks are that it's easy to store discreetly, and doesn't look like a typical Fleshlight, which isn't necessarily something you want a casual hookup to stumble on.

The best sex toys for men

That prostate massager needs a little help getting where it needs to go, right? This one is water-based, which means it's compatible with silicone toys. The vibrations are strong.

It feels good for you and everyone involved. This vibrating cock ring works just as well as the Lelo, but operates with a slightly lower frequency rumble. Can't hurt to have options—it's like you're some kind of orgasm sommelier! Is the Tenga Egg masturbator going to change your sex life?

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Will you use it to masturbate every single time? Absolutely not. But for less than seven dollars a egg, this super-stretchable elastomer sleeve can become one of many tools in your jerk box to switch things up when the old-fashion way starts growing stale. You tilt the remote to control the strength and location of the vibrations. So if you tilt it to the left, the vibrations will be stronger on the left side. With the Hugo, you can pinpoint exactly where in your behind you experience the most pleasure and focus on those spots. The Bionic Bullet has a little something for both you and her.

With two rings—one to wrap around the base of your penis and the other to gently grip your testicles. The result is an amazing hands-free "locked and loaded" feeling, making you ready for a harder and longer sex session. The rechargeable rabbit, which connects to the ring, not only vibrates, but will also stimulate the clitoris during penetration.

There are various ridges and grooves inside the masturbation sleeve, which allow for different sensations. Few other masturbation sleeves are built like this. Most Fleshlights, for example, are simply smooth inside.

The Duke isn't a prostate massager for beginners.

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It has three separate components that stimulate various highly-sensitive erogenous zones. The first part extends far past your prostate hitting the deep, inner walls on your anus. The second section directly nuzzles against the prostate, and the third and final section hugs your perineum—aka the taint or grundle—that strip of skin that extends between your anus and base of your testicles.

With its powerful vibrations, the Duke can cause sensory overload, but in the best way. The b-Vibe is the only butt plug on the market that simulates rimming or "analingus" using rotating be. While it doesn't feel as pleasurable as a partner's tongue, it still feels pretty damn good, and doesn't require you to ferociously clean out beforehand.

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While not necessary with a partner, I highly recommend you do. It's also a simple entry for men who want to explore anal play, but aren't quite ready to shove a dildo in there yet.

At first glance, the BlowYo is confusing. It'll only cover a small portion of one's penis with its stretchable silicone, and it's totally useless while masturbating. But give it a go with your partner while receiving oral and you'll find that the BlowYo can replicate the act of being deepthroated.

The BlowYo covers your lower shaft, while your partner tackles the upper shaft and tip with their mouth. Start with this, get to know yourself, and when you're ready for an upgrade, hop to the Lelo Loki.

The 10th and final setting uses machine-learning technology, so you never get the same blowjob twice. If you don't mind sharing a sex toy with your female partner, the Le Wand Silicone Attachment is a lot of fun.

Le Wand has been a favorite masturbation toy for women for the past couple of years.

This silicone attachment transforms it into a masturbation sleeve. But if you want to buy her a present that seems like a gift for her, but in actuality, is a gift for both of you, then by all means, splurge. Your partner can control this one from anywhere on the planet with an internet connection.

Jack into the Matrix! This XL prostate massager is not for beginners—but if you find yourself enjoying the feeling of being full, this one will absolutely provide it. But of course, Fleshlight creates some of the best masturbation sleeves out there. We can take or leave that dubious marketing angle but in our Fleshlight tests, this one felt the best. Buy Now.