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Availible tonight Orillia mornin looking for mindblowing bbbj

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Availible Tonight Orillia Mornin Looking For Mindblowing Bbbj

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Our day in the village started with wonderfully comfortable temperatures of degrees and we arrived to a large but orderly crowd. The logistics for were in control and even reorganized the location of the waiting room to reduce noise outside the physician consulting area. Our nursing team had an extremely busy day in all the stations from triage to weights and temps mindblowing diagnostics to looking station. Jennifer M. Anne was extremely busy with the many kids who needed ORS oral rehydration solution. We are thankful to report that all of these precious little ones made excellent recoveries.

Our physicians provided care to about patients over these past two days in Asantekwaa and several hundred more were treated in the pain clinic. Facing Orillia crowd like this can be overwhelming and paralyzing, but the approach of the entire team is to give the best care we can to the mornin in front of us irrespective of how many people are waiting to be seen. Dan was the mobile surgeon today. Byhis hernia line-up was finished.

He thought he would take some well-deserved leisure time to enjoy some jazz music but as the earbuds went bbbj, Dr. Carlye had other ideas. Before Dan knew it, she had him set up Availible the other end of her tonight table and he dove in to help us with the medical patients. After a quick refresher on how to use a stethoscope and how to turn on an otoscope, Dan re-entered the world of being a medical doctor. Carlye gave him an enthusiastic thumbs up at the other end of the table for these excellent bread and butter diagnoses.

Speaking of smashed it, we do enjoy learning and trying out British phrases and vocabulary that we do not use in Canada. Magdi asked Jessica if she would like to him in theatre and she was surprised Carpenter had a movie theatre. Our dental station saw 46 patients today, 45 of whom were people.

One of them was a scorpion. Linda quickly made a coffin out of a pack of Zinc tablets which we use to treat kids with diarrhea. Our eye team saw over patients in the two days in this village. They have their system down pat and miraculously are not running out of medication or eyeglasses. Martin and Marion were busy with 24 laser procedures today according to Dr.

These patients all leave with a laminated card explaining the details of their procedure in case they need follow up after we leave.

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Mai, Dr. Josh and Dr. Pete are reporting great of one year post laser surgery on these patients. Our surgical program recorded 35 cases, 6 spinals and another fire. Ashley is down to one sterilizer but it has not dampened his energy or sense of humour.

Special mention goes out today to our recovery team of Sue and Becky. They are responsible for the care of patients after their surgery. Becky is on the evening shift, administering medications and checking all the patients who stay over after their surgery.

Sue, who I heard referred to as Mary Poppins of the program, takes the early shift and makes rounds on all the patients prior to breakfast to prepare them for discharge. These two kindhearted nurses have such long hours. Believe it or not, our entire team except Becky who was getting the post-op patients settled were at the dinner table by pm. Mensah gave an inspiring address to our group that I hope to say more about in the future.

He brought fruit from a cocoa tree and a cashew tree and explained them to us. NEA currently has 70 acres of cashews. The quote that landed on the workstations of the 60 of us and all our volunteers at pm really does reflect this day:.

Each new day is a new beginning: To learn more about ourselves. To care more about others. To laugh more than we did. To accomplish more than we thought we could.

And to be more than we were before. Author Unknown. This post is one in a series of Ghana Health Team Updates. You can subscribe to receive these updates by. The stories are awesome and the work you are all doing is amazing. Way to go Took, Leslie to you all on the teammy darling sister!

You have always had the gift of knowing where to be and what to do in the most difficult of circumstances.

Smashed it!

Sending tons of love to you and everyone else doing such great work on all our behalf. Roots Ruthie. Another great day! The work the team does is so impressive.

Seeing those sick babies get help was heart warming. Hello to Carlye. We read the post each day together. Madelyn says you are cool… and Timmy says you are kind. All true.

All true of all of you. And fantastic role models.

And you will definitely be cool when you get home. Winter is upon us. And the Christmas lights are popping up everywhere. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Lots of love.

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It is so great to see my mom nurse Leslie doing what she does so well. She is in her element and undoubtedly loving every minute. I continue to be so impressed with her care, compassion and dedication to her profession. Keep up the great work everyone! It is incredibly meaningful to all. Hi to Helen, Barb, Dan and Sue. Love Sess xo. Do much help and good will — enjoy the warmer climate — weather lady days in Toronto tonight.

Have loved reading these blogs and seeing the photos.

Im so impressed with all of your hard work with so little equipment and make shift consulting rooms. Bob and I are enjoying your daily blog so much. Thank you for taking the time and energy to feed our imaginations at home!

There are two nurses over there from Milton who are very special to us…. Sue and Leslie.

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Feeling so proud of you both. What a wonderful team of people you are working with. Stay well.

Yade jaamee vaa ke a kponge hoola no kerere. Thank you for all your hospitality and care for the visiting team. Thank you so much. These daily blogs are so humbling, the work your all doing is amazing! Hi mom and Jess! I love the blogs and hearing all of the amazing stories!

I am so glad the kids received the Monopoly game and that they are loving it! Thank you. Thank you for all your hospitality and care of the visiting Ghana Health Team. Thank you all! Love to Dr David from your Ghanaian family here too.