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Big Narrabri aussie looking for fun

Narrabritown, northeastern New South WalesAustralia. Located nearby are Mount Kaputar National Park, agricultural research centres, and the Paul Wild Observatory the Culgoora astronomical sitewhich has a major array of radio telescopes.

Big Narrabri Aussie Looking For Fun

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Narrabri is the administrative centre of Narrabri Shire which is located in the Namoi Valley. The rugged peaks of Mount Kaputar National Park loom to the east while plains stretch endlessly to the west.

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At the Australia Telescope Compact Array, the future of Southern Hemispheric radio astronomy was in my hands, at least for the next 30 minutes or so. The dishes work together to simulate a much larger antenna. However, the advances were apparently not quite advanced enough to drown out the rather weak al emitted by my mobile phone.

I made an uncharacteristic decision to play nice. Or recording my actions and movements.

And any of them could have been lurking over in the unmistakeably government-issue buildings behind me. I was lucky. They could have easily been in a different configuration along the 3 km 1. Even if it does resemble a moonscape! I put aside all thoughts of black holes, and other unsavoury astronomic phenomena.

The afternoon light was fading and the stars beginning to appear, so we left the Compact Array Visitor Centre for nearby Narrabri. Sometimes they are spread out from each other at great distances and other times they are bunched up together. And when you have been travelling and bush camping for a few days ie squat over hole you have dug in the bush — it is nice to have a good old Aussie toilet to sit on!

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Fancy missing such an integral part of the array!!! Sallie — Taking photos is a fine cover-up for lack of understanding — and one I have used MANY times … tragic that I need it at all, but there you go! Jill — The loo is a great leveller … and a sure of civilisation! That is a loo with a different view!

I LOVE this stuff. I reckon secret agents were watching you M!! Oh yeah for sure. Did the aliens take Pilchard!? Where is he??

This is better than turning on the science channel…. I think your reporting was so much better as the TV totally missed the outhouse at the end of the universe. Beach Bum — Yes, we are all equal — but some are a little more equal than others!!

Sound familiar??

Iris — HAha! Yes, it DOES work both ways!!

Sportspower narrabri

Which is your favourite?!?! TFG — Too true, my friend! Make sense?? HAhaha, maybe the website can explain it better than I!! Sort of makes me feel good to be reminded that even the most talented artist, skilled surgeon, or accomplished scientist still has to go when their internal nature calls.

I like the picture of five in a row and how nice, that no matter how advanced their technology might bethey have not forgotten the basic of needs. Happy toilet hunting. Hey, even aliens might have to use the facilities on occasion.

Photos: more than people descend on narrabri for 'nosh'

Great post, Red! I like the view from this Loo. The shot of the 5 dishes and the last shot with the sunset is pretty. Great post and photos. You always find a Loo with a View!! I am noticing your beautiful blue sky. Our weather here has been so rainy lately that I forgot what a blue sky looked like. Hi Ya Red — Well, This is really neat — just got in from an early morning walk with Jack before the sweltering heat hits.

This is like the best LOO ever.

Love your comparison between a building for basic needs and ones to excite a higher level of thinking. Great shot of the 5 in a row and love your humour. Red, greatly enjoyed your post today. Thank you for the big smile this morning.

It is just right, and we better not mess it up. Still chuckling! Like basic needs and dreams becoming rather awkward bedfellows! Amazed that there are 5 dishes lined up at Narrabri! Are these default versions are does each one have a unique mission? I accept the Privacy Policy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Is that a telescope I see before me? So I switched the mobile off.

Yes, size DOES matter! But … I was wrong.

Compact Array Loo and friend … The afternoon light was fading and the stars beginning to appear, so we left the Compact Array Visitor Centre for nearby Narrabri. And I turned my mobile back on. Want MORE? Like it? SHARE it! FruitCake — HAha, just a wild stab in the dark …. Interesting post in your amazing ! Looks like a scene from the future. Greetings, Filip.