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Lonely men

Vivek Murthy, former US Surgeon General, identifies the most common threat to modern public health is not cancer, heart disease, diabetes or obesity — but in fact, loneliness. Loneliness is certainly not gendered, however, men, in particular, tend to struggle with maintaining friendships and building new ones as their life progresses. Murthy views loneliness as a public health crisis.

Lonely Men

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Most people crave social connection. While social media, endless apps, and new technology promises to connect more people, many people feel lonelier than ever. While isolation can be a trigger for loneliness, loneliness and isolation are not identical. It can have profound implications for health. Research on gender differences in loneliness is mixed. Some studies show that women are lonelier than men; others show the reverse.

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Life as a lone wolf: why do so many men feel lonely?

From early childhood, we are taught to be rugged, assertive and above all manly. So strong are these messages that entire marketing campaigns are men for guys about what it means to be a man. Dont believe me? Open up any mens magazine and look at the. From razors to sports, its all there in high-testosterone color. But are these messages doing guys more harm than good?

Moreover, are they causing an epidemic of men in our society who feel isolated, abandoned, and lonely In fact, Id be willing to bet one of the major reasons guys struggle with loneliness is because of ridiculous masculine blueprints that permeate American society.

Dont get me wrong. Im all for being manly. Its one of the things I help guys with as they try to project an outward image of confidence to the world. That said, the idea of being manly has become so bogged down with rules that its causing an epidemic of male loneliness from coast to coast Baker, Im a counselor who specializes in mens issues.

Folks, I cant tell you how many guys straight and gay men walked into my office feeling sad, depressed, rejected, and angry about the condition of their lives. From the Iraq War Veteran who cant bring himself to talk about his recurring nightmares out of fear of being judged to the Fortune executive who doesnt have a friend because he cant let himself be vulnerable. In my experience and based on observation, here are five of the biggest reasons weve got a problem with lonely men in America. Moreover, its also why this worsening epidemic is literally killing them.

Want a solid reason for male loneliness its this: So many of us are taught that to be a man, you have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Heres the problem. Some of us cant pull ourselves up because we suffer from depressionanxiety or a mix of lonely.

No man wants to be seen as weak. To avoid this perception, its easier to clam up and not admit to sh-t. This one is a major reason so many guys are lonely. It is ingrained in us from the time of birth that real men dont talk about their feelings.

Most guys would rather talk about anything other than whats going on inside. Its not that they dont want to. They do. But because of toxic male constructs, they fear being judged. And that fear le us to our next point.

Male loneliness: the ticking time bomb that's killing men

Just yesterday, a middle-aged man walked into my office and confided in me that he was extremely lonely. When I asked him if he has any friends, he said, No. While each guy is unique, a common thread youll find with lonely men is a lack of close friendships. Its simple. To be friends with someone as in real friends and not bros, you have to be vulnerable.

5 reasons men are so devastatingly lonely

That means sharing feelings. Thanks to faulty male blueprints, its just not something dudes do. Ask the guy in your life about what I just mentioned and hell confirm just what I shared — without hesitation for real.

Theres nothing wrong with being assertive. In fact, the ability to go after what you want in life is a gift.

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But the messaging around this can often be caustic. Not every guy is born with a chip to be alpha. For reasons we dont fully understand, some men are just naturally more confident than others. For the guys who arent, they are made to feel as if they are less than a man because they arent behaving to expectations.

The research tells us that most men bond through shared, intense experiences. Examples include serving in the military or team sports.

But what happens if you dont partake in those life events or when friends from those experiences are gone? Think about it. How many opportunities really exist on this front as you age? Not many at least from my experience. Examples include ing a gym, ing up for a marathon or ing a hiking group. But wow, thats just super hard for most dudes to do the longer theyve been lonely. So whats the answer?

Well, I cant say for sure but I do know this. The hypermasculine messaging around manliness that permeates our society needs to be addressed.

References Baker, B. The biggest threat facing middle-age men isnt smoking or obesity. Its loneliness. Holt-Lunstad, J. If you liked this post, please follow me on Twitter! You're coming to terms with your child's ADHD diagnosis. But how did they develop this condition? Learn the causes, risk factors, and resources. Perhaps you're seeing unusual edginess and energy in your child despite very little sleep, or you're noticing periods of your kid feeling hopeless….

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Why men feel lonely and how to fix it

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Learn 10 tips to make therapy really…. We're lonely up the myths lingering about bipolar disorder that even men people living with it would do well to unlearn. Depression is much more than sadness and a low mood. It can have an impact on every aspect of your life. Psychotherapy — also called just plain therapy, talk therapy, or counseling — is a process focused on helping you heal and learn more constructive…. Moore, PhD on December 2, Lonely Men in America. Men fear appearing weak.

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