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Mature man looking for proper oral servicing

WebMD archives content after 2 years to ensure our readers can easily find the most timely content. When Thea and her husband moved to Los Angeles a few years ago, she had no friends close by and was alone frequently while her husband worked long hours. Though Thea says her husband was the "best friend someone could have," the spark and sex were gone.

Mature Man Looking For Proper Oral Servicing

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Giving a blow job means taking your partner's penis into you mouth and satisfying him sexually in that way.

Mature man looking for proper oral servicing

There are several things to keep in mind to make giving blow jobs as pleasurable and as safe as possible. The most sensitive place of the penis is the head or glansand the lower edge of that the corona is the best part to stimulate, for example with your lips or tongue. The frenulumwhich connects the foreskin to the glans, also has a lot of nerve endings, which makes it another sensitive area. Besides the glans, the testicles and the perineum the area between the penis and the anus are also good places to lick or gently suck on.

When giving a blow job, you use a combination of your tongue, your lips, the inside of your mouth, your throat and your hands. Watch out for your teeth: many men won't like it if you touch their penis with your teeth.

That can also lead to little cuts on the glans, and those will make it easier for STIs to be transmitted. That means you need to pay attention to his als: how is he reacting to what you are doing? Body language often says enough.

Is his penis getting harder? Is his breathing getting quicker or is he moaning?

For those who are circumcised is there really a difference?

It's better to stimulate the glans or head of the penis using your tongue. If you exert too much pressure on the glans, that can be too intense for some men. The glans of men who are circumcised is usually less sensitive, so they would often rather have you stimulate the head of their penis at bit more strongly.

Your hands are another useful instrument during oral sex. Many men find it sexually exciting if you massage their balls and their perineum while you are giving them a blow job. The shaft is the least sensitive part of a penis.

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But if you massage the shaft you can increase the flow of blood to the glans. And if you squeeze it a bit, the glans will swell up, making it larger and even more sensitive. Just don't squeeze too hard! You can also make your hand into a continuation of your mouth. Make the inside of your hand wet with spit.

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Close your hand around his penis and move your hand back and forth along with your mouth. You can also beat off your partner while you are stimulating his glans with your tongue and lips. Taking a penis fully into your mouth without gagging is not something that everyone is able to do. There are various positions you can try when you are giving a blow job. The 69 position is a classic one in that regard. It allows you to give each other blow jobs at the same time. It's easiest if one of you lies on his back or if you both lie on your side. From giving blow jobs you can get various different STIs such as gonorrhea the clapchlamydia, syphilis and Hepatitis B.

Those are possible even if no one comes in your mouth. Most men don't find that very pleasurable, however. If you give blow jobs without a condom, make sure you get tested for STIs once every six months.

Precum is not dangerous in terms of HIV. However, getting sperm in your mouth would put you at risk of getting HIV. For that reason, make sure that the man you are giving a blow job to does not come in your mouth but withdraws in time.

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Choose your language NL EN. Everything about sex Ins and outs of sex Sex techniques Blow jobs oral sex. Lees voor. Blow jobs oral sex. Glans, testicles and perineum The most sensitive place of the penis is the head or glansand the lower edge of that the corona is the best part to stimulate, for example with your lips or tongue.

Watch out for your teeth! What does he like best? Using your hands while giving a blow job Your hands are another useful instrument during oral sex.

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Use the following tips to keep from gagging: Start out slowly and take the penis gradually deeper into your mouth as time goes by. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply. If you feel that you are about to gag, try to swallow.

The 69 position works best for deep throating. It's the easiest way for the penis to go deeper into your throat. Don't drink alcohol or smoke before you give someone a blow job since both alcohol and nicotine will reinforce your gag reflex.

The 69 position There are various positions you can try when you are giving a blow job. How risky is oral sex? Get tested online. Arrange it via Testlab. Your personalised advice. Consult the Sex Guide. Preventing Hepatitis B. Get vaccinated for free. Related articles Orgasm coming.

Blow jobs (oral sex)

Read everything about the male orgasm: from a quick climax to delayed gratification. Gonorrhea or "the clap".

Gonorrheais a common STI among gay and bisexual men. Is the information easy to understand? Do you find the content appealing?

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