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Munich swingers clubs

Couples and singles are welcomed to this beautiful natural club with many tastefully furnished rooms and many playgrounds. The bar area with its cozy couches and the open fireplace makes getting to know and relaxing easy. Cats swinger club spans on over square meters in two floors.

Munich Swingers Clubs

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Stay tuned and missed no events. In our calendar or our our event overview you can book your ticket online and pay via paypal — almost anonymous. Joyclub is the community for casual dating and erotic moments. Members with a premium pass got special discounts in our club.

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There are already many swingers clubs with most different concepts. Our primary concern is to make you feel good! We place great importance on cleanliness and hygiene. Therefore we also provide in or in front of the rooms hand sanitiser dispensers for free usage. Small disinfectant bottles are available on the toilets as well. Tailor-made for you are our mattresses that are made of a very high-quality artificial leather according to DIN standard. During business hours we also go through the rooms and clean the mattresses — so that the next guest finds a clean playing surface.

Swingers clubs munich

And the same we do with the toilets — so that always sufficient toilet paper and towels are available! If needed, the floors are also wiped during business hours.

To make you feel completely comfortable, we have also built different rooms for you. Just as you like. We are not using any bric-a-brac, which is why the guest notices immediately upon entering: here is a clear line and the view of the essential is not hindered by decoration or curtains. Our mirror room is deed in blue. The special atmosphere in this room is conjured with a special lighting effect projector.

Water effects are reflected on the wall and change the colour. A beautiful room for feeling good with a magnificent step for multiple use, a large lawn for sunbathing approx.

The larger room for couples also has a mirror of the optimal height — making this room very popular!!! As there are many swingers who feel more comfortable in a small room, we have created for you two areas for couples.

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Classic in black and red — the colour of lust and passion! Both rooms are lockable from the inside but are club from the outside. These areas are not pre-booked for couples — of course two single persons can also use this space.

Or you Munich try for the first swinger a switch of couples, triples or qu. These rooms are perfectly suitable for that as well! The cave is hard and not as comfortable as the mattresses. Explanations about this on site. You should not go into the cave wet! For a quickie, the heated ice cave is amazing — the built-in step to the large area is also perfectly suitable to keep playing with a sub!

For a lust-a-thon I recommend our high quality mattresses. Naturally, we have built tailor-made cages for the disobedient subs. Of course, the rooms also have sockets in which you can plug in your torture vibrators.

Due to large mirrors the rooms are enormously gaining on space and the lighting creates the right mood. Where else do you get the opportunity to watch live something like that? Should it nevertheless be unsuitable, we ask you, our guests, to say that politely but directly — as a rule this in not a problem.

Otherwise, we will be happy to help you with the clarification! Our lounge is the first place to start with! Spacious and open with enough seating options, you have the opportunity to let everything affect you, to swing with others or just to enjoy. At cold outside temperatures, we also heat our beautiful fireplace for you.

Romantic atmosphere for intimate togetherness or diversity. From presentations of all kinds also from ladies over liveacts everything has been there already! Our well-stocked bar can be found directly at the lounge in the heart of the club! Our humorous and friendly staff will spoil you in no time with a delicious drink and also with occasional performances behind the counter. Just ask!

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We have a small and fine buffet for you! All meals are freshly prepared for you, every day! This does not mean that there is never enough or that someone will be left hungry! However, you will not have numerous meals to choose from. If this is one of your main criteria for a swingers club visit, you are at the wrong place, because in such a case your expectations will surely NOT be fulfilled. However, if you need the strengthening for the 2nd and 3rd round and if you go to a swingers club because you want to become sexually active, then you will like it with us!

We have two shower areas for you!

On this location permanently closed!

One of them is placed directly at the entrance, diagonally opposite to the changing rooms. Of course, shower gel is provided for you! And in the ice cave there is a large tropical rain shower and a normal shower. We have 80 security lockers and in the changing room is a swinger make-up table with seating possibility waiting for you.

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Our Small and Fine Club. Entrance Aerea Munich guests, dear friends! We are happy to show our guests our little jewel and to present the rooms with their advantages! Hygiene We place great importance on cleanliness and hygiene.

Labyrinth To make you feel completely comfortable, we have also built different rooms for you. Large Playing Field. The view of what is happening is not obstructed from any side; everything is open and free. Mirror Room Our mirror room is deed in blue. Couple Areas As there are many swingers who feel more comfortable in a small room, we have created for you two areas for couples.

Ice Cave A little bit of fantasy is also allowed… We have an ice cave!

Lounge Our lounge is the first place to start with! Bar Our well-stocked bar can be found directly at the lounge in the heart of the club! Bistro Small and fine! Shower Areas We have two shower areas for you! The Changing Room The changing rooms are placed right next to the entrance.

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