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Woman holding sign

Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. Recently thousands of people around Australia took to the streets to protest against sexism and gendered violence. While the law says that men and women should be treated equally, experts say that's not always the case.

Woman Holding Sign

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Portraits of the missing and deceased, displayed in demonstrations against state and police violence, become symbols of struggle and part of collective memory. This text is one of the works that were produced on the residency — see all six at the link here. Daniel Mebarek is a Bolivian artist based in Paris, France. In this text, Mebarek explores the role, and power of, the public display of photographic portraits which commemorate individuals who have been killed by police and state violence. A face in the crowd.

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Women holding protest s for female future and empowerment. Group of aggressive protesters marching on the road with boards. Different good looking determined women holding up white s covering half of their faces while working on a new social campaign Do not mute us.

Paul, Minnesota. August 22, Youth march and rally to end violence.

Young women holding s at the rally. Two women holding s at the March for Our Lives rally. Editorial use only.

Women holding s reading 'Stop the cull' at anti badger cull march, London, 1st June Protest outside Myanmar Embassy in solidarity of Myanmar's people Burma. Women holding s.

London, UK. The organizer's of the people's march say as many as 1 million people attended the march in London today. Three older women holding s at the March for Our Lives rally protesting easy access to guns. A black womans face is coated in milk in attempts to neutralize the effects of pepper spray shot during protests in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Women holding s outside embassy London, UK. Thousands of protesters holding s prepare to walk in the Atlanta march for social justice and women, on January 21, in Atlanta, GA. The group will march towards Parliament Hill.

Young casual girl holding blank paper for text advertising copyspace. Happy Asian woman showing white business card. Two women holding Thank You s and waving to traffic at the Appreciation Parade organized by Concord Police to thank healthcare workers. Laughing women holding protest s for female future and empowerment.

Group of protesters enjoying during a women's march with boards. Young woman in studio white background. Business card person holding blank showing empty copy space for text advertisement on green t-shirt. Men and women holding blank banners, protesting persons activists demonstrating empty s vector characters.

Illustration protester with placard, protesting woman and man People with placards.

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Laughing women holding protest s for women power and future Group of protesters enjoying during a women's march with boards. November 14, Million Maga March.

Washington DC. Participants in an abortion rights rally walk past the capitol after leaving the protest.