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Women looking for sex Vulcan

Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates? Unheard of. Nowhere to be found.

Women Looking For Sex Vulcan

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Nearly three decades later, a new discovery from the University of Florida delivers some serious vindication to the choice, revealing a real-life planet actually clocking in at coordinates eerily reminiscent of the fictional M-Class planet.

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Why i would not want a vulcan girlfriend.

The Trek BBS. Why I would not want a Vulcan girlfriend. ed: May 19, Location: Jupiter space. But if we were to take the Star Trek world and move it into our reality this is what you have: 1.

Emotionless As humans we like to interact with each other's emotions. Guys like to make their girls laugh, smile, get aroused With a Vulcan chicks no such thing would happen. The only thing that gets her off is "logic" and even then, she wont get off the way you would like her to.

Having a "good time" with your Vulcan girlfriend would take on a whole new meaning Porn for her would be watching a chess game. Think about that.

Physical Yes the movies have Vulcan women with red lipstick on, and rosy cheeks, but such is not the case. With green blood what you would have is a yellowish green hue to your skin.

The inside of your eyelids would be green. The inside of your mouth would be green.

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The whites of your eyes would be slightly green. Bloodshot eyes for a Vulcan would be green. In fact, all parts "pink" in human anatomy will be green in a Vulcan's anatomy. Think about that fellas especially when you ponder certain "pink" parts of the female human anatomy which we tend to enjoy.

Which means female Vulcans have evolved to provide very little sex since the Vulcan male libido seems to fire off every 7 years. Get ready for that "it is not logical" argument every time you want to have sex with her simply because 7 years versus every day or week just wont work with her. Besides, I've heard rumors that Vulcan females have sideways vaginas. I kid I kid 4.

Marriage Dont even try to man-handle her because she will kick your ass due to her superior strength. Forget about lying as well. Also consider this: Vulcan mother-in-law. Lifespan Eventually you will get tired of her ass and wonder when this bitch will die.

She wont Vulcans live for a very loooong time. She will most definitely outlive you and collect on your life insurance when you die of sheer boredom and a severe case of blue-balls from living with this woman. So tell me again why you would want a Vulcan girlfriend?

ed: Dec 10, Location: Australia. Good stuff.

But you forgot the most important one - they usually have bowl cuts. I don't like my womangs looking like Ringo Star. But here's an advantage - They age slower. No need to worry about your woman looking like a hag.

Real planet discovered where vulcan home world in “star trek” is set

Wasn't T'Pol like 60 or something? Don't you wish your wife would still look like that at 60? And emotionless? That could be a plus too!

No need to worry about PMS, except for once every 7 years when she turns into a loon, in which case she just wants some rough lovin'! A fair tradeoff to me. And the colour wouldn't be so bad. There's plenty of colour variation in humans, and I would expect the green tinge would only be minor, just as the pink tinge is in humans. And we know their hygiene is much better than ours, so it's not like the green is fungus or anything. BlobVanDamMay 25, Why I would want a Vulcan girlfriend Emotionless I wouldn't have to deal with all of the bullshit. Physical I don't have to worry about "protecting" her.

If a mugger tries to jump us, I'll just hide behind her and watch his ass get kicked six ways from Sunday. And I bet that once-every-seven-years sex is one wild ride.

Marriage Think about this When I'm 70, she'll still look like she's in her late 20s. Lifespan I can wait until I'm at death's door to spread my seed, die and she'll be stuck doing the hard work of actually raising the. Admiral ShranMay 25, Great replies!!!

Thanks, I needed that. I wouldn't have sex with aliens, ever! ParadonMay 25, ed: Mar 15, Location: I said out, dammit!

Sounds like a Vulcan woman would be right up Branon Braga's alley! ForbinMay 25, Gov KodosMay 25, ed: Jan 30, Location: Escaped from Trumpistan. BillJMay 25, You know, I feel as though when an bond like that is formed between someone and a Vulcan, the Vulcan becomes a little bit more vulnerable.

I mean I think that's what happened with Trip and T'Pol. I don't know why people don't. NickInABoxMay 25, ed: Sep 4, Location: Just around the bend.

I think it would be very easy to make a logical argument for having sex based on the physiology of the human male. ed: Apr 30, Location: UK. Yep, very easy. Logic says its the only way!

She might actually shut up while I'm watching the telly, unlike my other half ed: Nov 10, Bear in mind. SatyrquazeMay 25, ed: Mar 13, Location: Indiana. AJBryantMay 25, In reality I'm not sure if I want to have sex with a real alien.